Is this a test?
person: i didn't like guardians of the galaxy
person: what are you doing
me: dance-off, bro. me and you. let's go
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imagine one day john gets sick and is like holed up in his room, cocooned in his blankets like a sick little caterpillar and he is just super grumpy bc he doesn't like admitting that he needs help but sherlock tries to help anyway (by googling what to do) and he ends up making chicken soup that's actually really good and he spends the whole day just sitting with john and telling him all about bees


AWWWWW he”a the best

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UNUSUAL HOARD commission for iamshurlocked for dragon with a sweet tooth almost as large as they are

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So… I really, really don’t like exalting dragons so I am searching for new loving homes for this cuties you can see above!

I just don’t want them to be exalted, I know most of them aren’t really special - they are mostly just Basics… but it would be really awesome if someone would be interested in at least one of them.

Also, I would charge only 6k for one of them? Or idk, just tell me what you would be willing to pay for them, I’m open for negotiations^^

here is the post where all of them are listed

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Smaug Sketchdump References

My sketchy guide when I’m drawing Smaug. It’s like a compilation of all references on the dragon. I do know he has more horns but I’m too tired to draw all of them :P

I would need to work on the consistency of proportions on his face though but the general idea is there.

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I apparently was in 101 Dalmatians 

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This show is stupid and I hate it

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please take a moment to appreciate how excited john looks that he’s about to kick the shit out of him

like hell yes i have been waiting two years to wrap my hands around your throat you miserable sack of shit i am so glad you’re alive cause i’m gonna murder you

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oh my god I love these two!

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